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Workforce Impact of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

This was essentially a macro perspective on the effects that the BPO sector has had on various nations. In this essay, we delve deeper and examine how the BPO industry has impacted the workforce’s lifestyles and how working there has impacted their professional lives.

The first was that many young people were introduced to the high life with large incomes and enormous perks that included the best of what was available with the emergence of the BPO industry in Asian nations. Consequently, this has resulted in the emergence of a sizable portion of the workforce that is dependent on the western way of life and hence out of step with the norms of the average worker in these nations.

This has led to animosity among those who are left out of the global economy and in nations like India; this resentment clearly manifests blatantly numerous times.

Even though BPO executives have warned their employees against showing off their wealth, the fact that they work in posh offices and live like Westerners has caused resentment among the general public, who either feel left out because they lack the skills or are unable to take advantage of opportunities because they are unprepared.

The other factor that needs to be discussed is the fact that the BPO industry often operates at night in nations like India and the Philippines because to the time zone difference between these nations and the US. This has resulted in health difficulties and issues brought on by irregular eating and sleeping patterns. Furthermore, one of the many concerns that have been stated by the BPO workforce is that they must be rotated between the overnight working hours and the daytime working hours if they are to remain fit and healthy. In fact, many BPO’s use the services of qualified medical personnel to assist their employees in striking a healthy work life balance and to see that they do not burn out prematurely.

Regarding the professional effects of the BPO industry, the workforce in these nations is very professional and familiar with western working practices. This is a significant advantage that working in the BPO sector has given the workers compared to the drawbacks that we have previously addressed. The key takeaway from this is that these individuals are now capable of taking on the challenges of world-class work because of the skill development and value-adding work they have done.

In conclusion, the BPO business has had both beneficial and negative effects on the workforce. It is the responsibility of the sector leaders to make sure that the positive effects outweigh the negative ones and that the employees have a healthy balance between their personal and professional lives.

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