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e-Precision has been in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry since 2004.

A Humble History of Our Call Center Success

With the rise of advanced technology and the fast-growing BPO industries in the city, the CEO found it best to join the BPO world by innovating and providing quality jobs, especially to fresh graduates, and turning non-experienced employees into top-quality employees. The management’s continued dedication and hard work made e-Precision one of the fastest-growing BPOs across the country.

e-Precision started out with twenty customer service representatives back in 2004. Currently, e-Precision has more than 500 employees, giving quality service to its local and international-based clients.

The CEO named the company e-Precision due to the extraordinary skills of the people, values, and ambiance in the company.

Our clients and their customers consistently rank us as their top customer care provider because our courteous and respectful agents genuinely care for the customers and focus on relationship management to enhance and extend the customer’s lifecycle and customer experience.

“We provide solutions to meet your every business need,” is e-Precision’s motto. Every business has its own struggles and challenges in the business world, and finding the right solution is the best way to handle these shortcomings. With the help of e-Precision’s best solutions, you are assured that your problems will go away in no time. We provide precise and real-time solutions to your problems.

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Our Mission

To be a company that best provides satisfaction for customers' and employees’ needs.
To be one of the top-ranking companies globally. 
To be one of the biggest outsourcing corporations in the industry. 


Our Vision

To provide extraordinary service to all our customers through integrity and excellence. 
To provide stable employment to all citizen and enhance their character to become a better citizen.

We FOCUS on your success.

It’s all in the details. As the logo suggests, it’s all in the details. e-Precision is very strict when it comes to details as we do not like to miss out on anything, it might be small or big details, as all details are necessary for the success of one company.

Working hand-in-hand with our vision and mission, e-Precision continues to be the best in providing satisfactory services to our clients, customers, and employees through integrity, precision, and excellence. Also, promoting a sense of responsibility to the ‘new’ generation by providing equitable employment and a safe and healthy working environment.

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Our customer service representatives are overseen by seasoned professionals with the highest standards. Our goal is to offer premium call center and customer support services at competitive prices to a variety of businesses in various industries.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

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