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Following are six ways that agile techniques assist our software teams in generating business value:

  1. Delivery emphasis:
    Our team is more productive thanks to the agile framework, and we can finally say goodbye to the army of “frequent follow-ups with spreadsheets.” They can instead focus their efforts on developing and delivering the greatest possible solution.
  2. Predictability:
    The methodology has assisted our developers in providing more precise time estimates for projects, and as a result, results are better forecasted. In the past, the individual who spoke the loudest could do their work more quickly (agree?). The great increase in visibility has led to the current decision-making process being fact-based.
  3. Collaboration:
    The scrum process structure has been extremely helpful for our teams’ efficient collaboration on complicated products. This is particularly true during our “sprint” activities, which are crucial in promoting transparency among all parties involved in the project.
  4. Enhanced standard:
    We manage projects iteratively, working on them over time and making adjustments each time we go through the process. We have developed some of the best solutions for our clients, resulting in top-notch results, thanks to our relentless focus on improvement and quality control.
  5. A smooth deployment:
    The development team has been able to simplify and deploy code flawlessly by using “CI/CD pipelines,” a method of writing, testing, and deploying code. Applications’ release management is now managed end-to-end and tracked.
  6. Agile measures:
    KPIs like “burn down/burn up” at the sprint and product levels, agile velocity, cumulative flow diagrams (CFD), throughput, and many others help us monitor our progress from the product development stage to the implementation stage. These tools have been really useful in ensuring that we are using our resources efficiently and delivering what we need to on time. Additionally, by offering a minimal viable product (MVP) with each iteration, they assist us in providing the organization with the greatest benefits.

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