English as a Second Language

We cater to a different variety of students internationally to learn english and experience the best quality of learning. We have  experienced ESL Tutors that can help you no matter what your level of study is.We provide you with flexibility in terms of how you want to study and personalisation to suit your learning objectives. Our ESL teachers help students in reading, writing, and conversing.

We offer 2 ways of teaching:

  • Private (1-on-1) Tutoring
  • Group Classes


  • Organizing coursework and learning materials that cover all aspects of the English language
  • Assessing student progress and writing reports.
  • Prepare classroom and course materials
  • Assign homework and exams
  • Grade students’ assessments
  • Create individualized plans for students with special requirements (e.g. learning disabilities)
  • Research new teaching methods for teaching English as a second language
  • Create a supportive and positive classroom environment
  • Maintain records of student attendance and grades
  • Inform parents about student progress
  • Collaborate with educational staff to provide a positive learning experience to students