Tech Support Services

Realiable High Quality Technical Support Services

Available, courteous, and effective Tech Support services is expected of today’s corporations.

Top-in-class brands understand that tech support is not just about providing consumers with solutions to their existing problems, but also about proactively digging up answers to problems they didn’t know they had.

Consider this: a 2017 survey conducted by Gladly found that 78% of people purchase a brand or service because of support interactions.

A large part of effective technical support is helping consumers feel informed, confident, and secure about making an upcoming purchase.

The quality of your technical support holds great sway over the amount of future business you do with a customer.

tech support services

Outsourced Tech Support

Outsourced technical support is one way businesses are delivering “superhero” support, without breaking the bank. In-house IT help desks give you the most direct control over your workforce, but you also have to pay a hefty premium to start and maintain your personnel.

  • Manage your budget more efficiently by cutting out expenses due to equipment purchases and maintenance.
  • Reduce labor costs associated with training, turnover, salaries, and benefits packages.
  • Quickly bulk up your workforce, without hiring, training, and onboarding delays.
  • Focus on finding new ways to grow and innovate, rather than getting bogged down by technology and repairs.
  • Receive security from professionals who are dedicated to preventing hacks and keeping information secure.
  • Gain access to 24/7 expert technical support assistance that watches your sites while you sleep.
  • Save around 85% the cost of an in-house tech support team.

Why choose E-Precision as your Tech Support Call Center?

E-Precision Call Center in Baguio, Philippines provides small to mid-sized businesses with the support they need to process calls during the day, night, or 24/7. We’ve served retail, wholesale, medical, online, manufacturing, travel, hospitality, educational, insurance, financial and nonprofit industries. All of our tech support agents have computer degrees, and many have worked on behalf of the largest technology companies. 

As our client, you receive the full support of our agents, facilities, and management team to help you improve your service and double your sales. Contact us for a free quote. We offer extremely competitive rates!

Software and Mobile App Support

We take in data from your mobile app or website “contact” form to create reports that offer valuable insights into your online or mobile functionality.

Site Navigation

Site navigation training assists customers with a wide variety of technical issues preventing the customers from getting the maximum benefits from the company’s product or service.

Software Training

Many customers need help registering to use a website or make a purchase. They often forget their user names and/or passwords, or they are encountering display issues on their devices.

Software Setup and Installation

Implementing a new software system can be an enormous headache for management and employees. We remove this burden from your internal team and provide you with a fully functional system that has “all the bugs worked out” already.

Software Troubleshooting

We can help you (or your customers) systematically scan your computers to identify, diagnose, and resolve problems to keep all your internal processes flowing smoothly.

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