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E-Precision has been providing services and solutions to multiple business locations in the United States and across the globe. With E-Precisions expertise your company can now deliver a world class customer service experience.

E-Precision Contact Services caters to different industries from small to medium enterprises. We have been providing customer service to clients from different parts of the world. We started as an outbound call centre, and now we also offer other services which include inbound calls and customer support.

tech support

Technical Support

Isn't it amazing how you can use your phone and services without delay or any issues? We make sure to help customers find the answers to some technical problems about their phones for them to be able to use it to surf the internet, make sure they are able to communicate well with their loved ones may it be local or International, and to be able to use and understand the applications they have.

virtual assistant

Virtual Assistant

General VA’s are called a lot of names. They may be called online personal assistant, online sales assistant and a lot more. In here, people work remotely or independently but we make sure we provide the right and proper training for them. We make them professionals in their job in order for them to grow and to learn more about the business.


Training and Development

We hire and outsource people nationwide. We also collaborate with some companies to showcase our Training programs and accounts we cater. We also provide free training and enhancement skills. These programs are to help the BPO industry grow and generate extra ordinary people with extra ordinary skills. To become excellent Customer Service Representatives, Account Specialists, and Telemarketers that provides a service with customer satisfaction.



We identify and create a more reliable source of data for our Telesales Team and clients, rather than just buying the data which is really expensive. We do market research activities to produce leads as well. Our Telemarketers are fully trained to showcase and present your company, services and products to potential customers in a professional manner. We make sure that we provide quality sales.

general care

General Care

Our Customer Service Representatives are fully trained in assisting our customers and answering their queries. We see to it that we do not just provide information but we make sure they understand it and provide other options to them. We live by our two core values which is Integrity and Excellence.

travel tourism

Travel, Transportation, and Tourism

Amidst our busy life and surrounded by all types of technology, we tend to be stressed out. We always work and forget that we need to wind up and enjoy life. We always think of the bills to pay and we are very busy making money. We can always make money but we can't always make memories. Fill your life with adventures not things. Have stories to tell not stuff to show.

Social Marketing

We provide programs, free estimate, home evaluation and free information to customers or homeowners. We want to make sure they get the right information or any programs that they might qualify for. We give out details and our target is for the consumer to understand more about the product, services or programs that we have to offer.

billing support

Billing support

E-Precision offers assistance to your customers. Our Customer Service Representatives provide accurate billing management for our clients customers. E-Precision offers free consultations to make the process efficient and without any disruptions. We guarantee fast professional transactions and our clients will be able to enjoy the services they are paying for.



E-Precision offers different types of services to different type of customers. We professionally train our team to persistently persuade in converting those leads into sales. Our company provides a specific expertise and mostly deal with difficult leads. We outsource that expertise to save money and increase the sales as a Team and make sure we reach our goals.

Lead Generation

Our Telemarketer Team are trained and are the ones responsible for assisting in growing sales through solid customer relationship and outbound calling. E-Precision telemarketing team are not only focused on sales but also focused in developing new business via telephone, follow-up on leads and conduct research to identify potential prospects. These leads are customer information who are interested in those products or services.

Appointment Setting

We call homeowners or customers to set an appointment with them for a certain type of service. We educate them or explain to them the things were offering then once we agreed on a certain date and time. We put them on the lead, other campaigns is we transfer them to our closing manager and all calls are being monitored by our Quality Analyst to make sure we only provide quality calls

Let's Talk About Your Goals

Schedule a free consultation to discuss the many ways E-Precision can benefit and upgrade your customer service and support inbound and outbound. Our virtual assistants are ready to serve your company with the greatest diligence.

We continue to work with our clients for years now and are getting more clients because of the quality services we offer to them. We give back what they have invested and make sure to bring more new opportunities in the market. Our company expands as we grow together and we aim for more business opportunities to provide a stable job to everyone.

virtual assistant services

Virtual Assistant

E-precision provides calling center solutions that take your business process to the next level we apply our 14 years of experience to your industry specific best practices so your campaign can achieve its goals.



E-precision was established with special focus on employee ability, and cost-efficiency. These core directives allow us to provide our customers with world class services at a price point that is guaranteed to impress.


E-Precision's slogan is "its all about details" we live by this and we proudly provide our customers with timely and up to date reports and analytics regarding their outsourced projects or campaigns.

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