E-Precision Provides Outstanding Outbound Call Services

E-Precision has been helping hundreds of companies all over the state of Maryland in reaching out to potential clients or customers through outbound calling.

What is outbound calling?

Outbound calling begins when an outbound call center agent contacts or calls to a potential client or customer on behalf of either the call center or the client.

Outbound calls are used in telemarketing, sales, surveys or fundraising.

To cut costs, more and more outbound call center services are being moved overseas, where fair wages are lower and the expense of living is far more cost-effective.

Many enterprises are able to save money, while improving customer service, through the use of outbound call center services like: information verification, lead generation, appointment setting, marketing, sales, and post-sales surveys.

E-Precision is an outbound call center that works hard for your company to get you the results you desire.

What are the benefits of Outbound Calling?

Customers call businesses for many reasons – to ask questions about products or services, make changes to their account, schedule appointments, order more, initiate returns and refunds, complain, or to receive tech support over the phone. Proactive businesses reach out to customers with outbound calls to cover all bases before problems arise.

E-Precision provides:

Lead Generation


Appointment Setting

Customer Survey

Data Verification

Post Sales Follow Ups

Market Research

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