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If you’re a top business executive, you’re right to feel that excellent customer service is a linchpin of your success. Customer service ensures that you receive orders for revenue-generating products. Customer service can make sure that customers are completely satisfied with what they’ve bought. Customer service areas are a vital part of growing consistent and repeat business.

Customer service is highly important in customer retention. If customers are unhappy with their merchandise, service, or any aspect of it, they are not likely to continue to be customers. In fact, leaving questions and issues unresolved is a way of driving customers to other businesses. Fix your customer service shortcomings before they undermine your bottom line!

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What is E-Precision Customer Service?

Every person in our call center is part of an inbound customer service team fully cognizant of how crucial your acquisition and retention goals are. We train our Philippines call center agents to treat customers with the understanding, respect and diligence you would require of the employees of your own business.

  • Customer service refers to the entire spectrum of interactions between your business and your customers.
  • Customers need service that is seamless, polite, and prompt, whether they are ordering products, registering for conferences, or reviewing billing arrangements.
  • Customer Service can be the difference that sets your brand apart and leaves your customers happy and fulfilled of their business needs.
  • Help your clients take the feedback available to them and utilize it to improve their products or services.


Outsourcing customer service works as smoothly as if your customer service department is on the next floor. Our services integrate with your business systems. We host calls on the biggest and most trusted global cloud-based platform for call centers.


We use the same technology as many Fortune 500 firms do. We never miss a call and you can rely on us to provide real-time support to your customers. We have protocols in place to make sure that our systems are running continiously.


We can also customize our call center services in the Philippines to meet your company’s goals. With customization, we can develop a program that will optimization conversion, raise sales levels, and drive repeat business.

Support Service

Our customer service representatives offer efficient, knowledgeable and economical support that will grow your business and contribute to client satisfaction and retention.

After-Hours Support

With today’s 24-hour business cycle, you want to make sure customers can purchase products and resolve queries at any time convenient for them. After-hours customer support ensures that your valuable customers will be able to access what they need at any time, 24/7.

Call Overflow

Even with the best planning, the capacity of a phone system or call center may be exceeded at times. We offer top-notch call overflow capability, so all calls are answered promptly and reliably.

Order Processing

Accurate and prompt order processing is vital to the revenues of your business. Our order processors are detailed and fast. Speed processing and reduce customer complaints via our order processing capability.

Chat Support

Chat is an increasingly popular method of customer communication. Expand your customer reach capability with our effective chat options.

Billing Inquiries

Billing inquiries can be time-consuming and complicated to resolve. Our customer service representatives are experienced in treating clients politely as these are resolved in a cost-efficient way.

Event Registration

Our customer service support team can handle all registration requirements in a hassle-free, cost-effective way. Event attendees will be pleased with the ease and accuracy of their registration, and you will be pleased with our streamlined event organization strategies.

Customer Retention

A happy customer is a customer likely to return. Repeat business is the lifeblood of many companies. Our customer service capabilities increase customer retention by making sure customers receive what they want, when they want it, and that any issues are resolved.

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